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Very interesting article by Jim Kalbach on a inside-out design process. He’s right to point to the norm of web designer’s building their products big to small (homepage then everything else) but here Mr. Kalbach presents very interesting method of connecting experiences via user goals; with the experience centered around the “core” (what the site actually offers), giving the user the power to decide their own course of action. It seems to handle the problem of missing needs and tasks in design since you’re essentially constructing the building first, then paving roads to ensure the best connections. Take a gander. I’m in the process of cementing my design process. Methinks this will be a part..


One thought on “Inside -> Out

  1. Very important concept! Yes it’s essential to keep the goal of website or applcation in mind when do design. But its not easy and we need to remind ourselves all the time. I am practicing this in my design process too.

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